Patio Doors

Our Patio doors bring the back garden nearer to the home and use it like an additional room. With easier access in summertime and a fantastic view in winter time, patio doors add brightness and air to life, twelve months a year.

Sleek inline patio doors are readily available in three and four leaf alternatives. Merge safety and protection with lifestyle option and space, completely welded and strengthened, internally glazed and with four point securing as standard.

Totally glazed or installed with a mid-rail, presents choices to match most design specifications. All doorways are manufactured from one hundred percent Calcium Organic materials.

Attributes and Advantages

Our patio doors guarantee sleek operation, together with increased security due to our eight point securing system, which is offered on all door choices. 

Other important attributes and advantages; 

• Great overall weathering performance with Q-Lon climate seal.
• Select from two, three and four pane choices.
• Internal beading.
• Obtainable in a wide range of foiled surface finishes, and both wood grain and vivid colours.

Technological Requirements

Inline UPVC patio doors are perfect when opening space is at a premium, as the sashes do not protract into the bordering area. Obtainable in two, three and four frame alternatives, patio doors can even be manufactured with a mid rail to contain a letterbox if necessary. 


Eight point higher protection security system, including anti-lift fixing and one part keep. 


All items constructed to meet climate effectiveness, operational and durability attributes as described in British Standard BS6375 Parts one and two.